I will be reviewing applications from prospective graduate students this fall and winter for enrollment in the PhD program in Psychology at Princeton in fall 2019. I encourage interested students to learn more about the types of research my lab and I conduct by some of the lab’s recent publications (listed here) and my faculty website.

You are welcome to reach out to me through email though I refrain from having extensive email or phone correspondence or personal meetings with prospective students* as I do not want to disadvantage students who do not receive the advice to reach out to prospective advisors. I have, however, included some pieces of advice on applying to work with me and at Princeton’s psychology department.

Some advice on applying: Princeton Psychology is a highly collaborative department and, while not necessary, we are especially interested in admitting students who’s research interests overlap with two or more faculty. This is wonderful for the faculty and their labs because it fosters meaningful collaborations, and it’s wonderful for the students because they are exposed to multiple research approaches, methodologies, and have a broader research network. To this end, feel free to mention multiple faculty members in your application but be sure to specifically note why you are interested in each faculty member’s research and how your graduate work will draw from each of them. The personal statement is the best place to do this.

*Outside of the application process, I’m always open to meetings and discussion about the lab’s research.